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Different Types Of Hot Water Systems Along With Their Pros And Cons

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Different Types Of Hot Water Systems

Electric - This is also known as a hybrid water heater. This type of water system provides the advantage of combining the power of electricity with the latest technology where a compressor and evaporator are constructed into the water heater unit. Its main benefit is that it creates a similar amount of hot water as the traditional electric water heater and it can greatly reduce heating expenses. Its disadvantage is that the initial purchase price and installation costs are higher than the other water heating options.

Storage Tank Water Heater - This is considered one of the most common types of water heaters. Its main advantage is that it continuously heats water in a storage tank so a home won't run out of hot water. However, since it continually heats water, you must expect your gas or electric bill is high.

Gas Condensing Water Heater - As the name implies, this makes use of gas in order to heat the water. One advantage of such is that instead of releasing the used gases, they are actually returned to the system and used to heat the water continuously. Obviously, you will have energy cost savings when you choose this option. However, the cost of purchase as well as installation may be higher than a conventional heater.

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