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Discover the Pure Water System You Need For Your Home

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The average pure water systems are really not purifiers. They only remove chlorine and some odor. If chlorine is present, so is trihalomethane or THM, which is known to cause cancer in humans.

The amount that can allowably be present is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agencies and facilities are required to test for it. The problem is that testing is not performed regularly. Results can be inaccurate and facilities may "throw out" unusually high readings.

So, if you have chlorine, you need a pure water system that removes THMs, as well. Most don't. A process called adsorption is required.

If you have chlorine, you may also have lead, which causes a variety of health problems. Chlorine eats away at the pipes underground and lead is released into the waters travelling through them. Only a few pure water systems remove lead. A process called ion exchange is required.

In over 400 sites around the United States, independent researchers found a volatile organic compound (VOC) called perchlorate. The levels found are high enough to cause dysfunction of the thyroid gland, which leads to growth problems, weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

So, you also need a pure water system that removes VOCs. Most facilities are not required to test for them. So, you don't know if they are coming out of your tap or not.

Other chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides have been found in drinking water supplies. In fact, over 2000 different toxic chemicals were identified by the Ralph Nader research group. Many of them are known carcinogens.

So, you need pure water systems that contain carbon and other media that specifically target chemicals. What you don't need is a reverse osmosis pure water system.

"Environmental protection system is a difficult problem, because any industry can use environmental protection system. Enterprises and employees may not be aware of which applications use these components. But unless you use these environmentally friendly devices every day, it's easy to ignore them and their uses.

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