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Tips For Buying Pure Water Systems

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You can spend anywhere from $20 to over $3,000 on pure water systems. Do you want to just filter you water at home? If so, are you interested in just your drinking water, or is filtering your cooking water and even your bathing water important to you?

You might be going on a long backpacking trip, far from potable water. Or you might be going to a foreign country. If so, a portable pure water system would be ideal. If you've ever had a bout of Giardia in a foreign country (I have!) then you know what I mean!

You can buy excellent portable systems anywhere from about $30 to $400, according to your needs.

Do you need to filter out organic impurities, like the Giardia cysts I mentioned above, or are you worried about all those industrial pollutants in our water nowadays? Even the chemical most commonly used to kill bacteria and viruses, chlorine, is suspect. Some scientists have linked our growing consumption of chlorine to our exploding cancer rate.

If you're buying a pure water system for home use, do you want to buy individual systems for each faucet or do you just want to filter all the water as it comes into your house? If you're serious about water filtration (and I hope you are!) then filtering all your water is to be preferred. Buying a whole house unit is usually slightly cheaper to buy and a lot cheaper operate than buying individual units. (You have to change the filters on these things every six months or so. It's a lot cheaper to buy one filter than many.)

Common types of pure water systems include reverse osmosis, carbon and ceramic filters, ultraviolet radiation, and distillers. Each of these has it pros and cons.

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