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who is Shanghai Qilee

2013/7/23 10:35:30      view:
Shanghai Qilee Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a innovation in environmental technology, environmental protection products integrated supply and related technical services as one integrated, high-tech environmental protection enterprises.

   Qilee Li-environmental implementation of "specialization, scale, internationalization" of the enterprise development strategies, high-tech as a guide, relying on "mode, technology, capital, mechanisms, human resources, culture," such as six superior resources, and strive to create "environmental protection equipmentThe first brand "image.

    Qilee-business areas are mainly distributed in the following areas: 
    ◆ urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment 
    ◆ Large Solid Waste Incineration Plant
    ◆ food and beverage industry 
    ◆ fine chemical industries concerned 
    ◆ areas of professional control and instrumentation

  Qilee -green first-class technology center, with scientific research, development, pilot, system integration and other comprehensive technical capabilities, as well as machine and parts testing, inspection and other conditions of hardware facilities and software. Products home international advanced level. Technology and equipment configuration complete, has the domestic advanced level of production equipment and production lines. To provide customers with products of international quality and environmental protection equipment.

  Qilee-Green has a perfect sales service system, from the marketing, distribution management, direct marketing business, technical support, after-sales service, regional development, such as parts, whole-heartedly for the users.

   In the socio-economic sustainable development, environmental protection is playing an increasingly important role. To improve the living environment of mankind, waving to write a brilliant chapter in the Chinese environmental protection, international quality, environmental protection equipment manufacturers - Qilee-green would be endless running, fail in their mission!