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Filtered Water: Is It Really Healthier Than Tap?

2019/6/6 20:55:14      view:

Mind the Science What about filtration that promise heightened health benefits? Advocates of alkaline water, in which the ph level is raised to around 9%, state it can speed up your metabolism, excellent your body to better absorb nutrients, reduce the effects of your body’s acidity, prevent illness and keep you younger. Yum, correct? But reverse osmosis tap comes at a cost — about eight times more than bottled RO water, for example. While consuming alkaline water probably can’t harm anything, scientific inquiry into alkaline water is very young, with just a couple published studies showing benefits, such as building bone density and halting acid reflux. Hexagonal reverse osmosis tap , which is considered easily absorbed in the body by way of molecular reconfiguration, also lacks strong medical backing, with some reports going as long as to calling the filtration systems a good outright scam. Luptowski reminds all of us that the quest for 100% pure water may be a frivolous one, saying, “All drinking water supplies can potentially contain impurities--even bottled water. ”

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