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Pure Water Systems - What to Consider

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Initial Considerations

First, you need to determine the quality of water you need for different uses like cooking, washing and drinking. You will need a pure water system to provide only the freshest and cleanest for drinking. The quality needs to be thoroughly analyzed to be free of microorganisms and other harmful compounds while maintaining the good minerals for health. Other activities may not require very thorough processes that lead to a lot of wastewater and energy consumed.

Other Things to Check

Consider how much feedwater is needed during pre-treatment in different processes like distillation, reverse osmosis, filtration and deionization. Some pure water systems are only made up of a single stage while others use 2 or more for thorough cleansing of water. Complete systems may be required for ultrapure water from tap water with options like UV, UF or UV/UF treatment, a polishing system and automatic shutdown or constant monitoring.

Knowing Your Pure Water System

Whole house in-line systems are a great choice since these provide high levels of filtration and performance at relatively lower costs and maintenance requirements. The general rule is that more filters equate to high filtration level. Some included filters are carbon activated, KDF, reverse osmosis and multi-block. Units can be placed in different locations like onto faucets and showerheads, under the sink, inside the refrigerator or over the counter.

What Customers Want

People generally prefer devices that provide them with the safest and cleanest water possible without hurting their budget. The idea is to look for a product that effectively provides enough water for daily use as well as eliminates the known contaminants present in water supplies after treatment. Some homes may find that simple systems already suffice their needs while others may require multi-stage processes due to the presence of hard-to-remove chemicals.

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